Western Media: The Fuel to The Palestinian PR Machine

Israel’s Iron Dome Aerial Defence System intercepting rockets launched by Hamas from the Gaza strip

As hostility and antagonism grow between Israel and the Palestinian authority, many are questioning and contesting the blatant bias against the Jewish state revealed in mainstream media. Since Monday, Hamas has launched nearly 2000 rockets from the Gaza strip’s civilian areas into Israel’s civilian population according to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). However, these numbers are often made vague in news reports that are instead focused on Palestinian casualties and statistics that fail to include the right context.

According to reports, a third of the rockets launched by Hamas militants intended for Israel fell short landing in populated areas in the Gaza strip, causing some of the main Palestinian causalities. Many have already accused Hamas of attempting to Garner sympathy from the international community towards the Palestinian cause by inflicting devastation upon its own civilians and using them as “human shields”, and have complained about the western media’s lack of clarification on Hamas’ responsibility for both Israeli and Palestinian casualties. But it is becoming more evident that not all western reporters who propagate Hamas’ narratives are doing so unknowingly.

Many western reporters have blamed the Palestinian aggression on the Israeli court’s decision on the property ownership dispute in Sheikh Jarrah, a neighbourhood in east Jerusalem. However, we already know what the Israeli Supreme Court has to say about those evictions, they were tenants who were not paying rent. Hamas uses this narrative to gain political influence and to sway the global narrative. And western journalists like always take the bait. Any journalist who accepts such claims that suggest four pending evictions warrant 2000 rockets raining over Israeli civilians uncritically, lacks all kind of journalistic integrity and professionalism. The media also communicates a very morally-flawed assumption that the stronger military is more likely to be in the wrong than the weaker military. We always hear the same lies: Israel, the mighty military power, killing defenceless Palestinians. But the reality suggests otherwise. Israel doesn’t use child soldiers, store rockets in civilian areas or turn hospitals and residential buildings into missile launchpads. Hamas has a history of doing all the aforementioned.

We can also blame the western media’s lack of coverage of Hamas’ crimes on the covert racism that they carry. Which has resulted in them accepting that Hamas will rage in terror regardless, but still continue to hold Israel to a different standard. In some cases, it is merely poor or lazy journalism, for instance comparing the numbers of Palestinian casualties with Israeli casualties without asking the question how many of the Palestinians were active terrorists. In other cases, the western media persists on interpreting the complex Israeli-Palestinian conflict through unconnected frames, such as the American based race politics and due to progressive cultural themes, “settler colonialism” “apartheid state” and “ethnic cleansing,” have become popular epithets for the Jewish State, condemned by those who cite Israel’s record as the only functioning democracy in the Middle East.


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