Israel, UAE to normalize relations in shift in Mideast politics

Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced on Thursday that they will normalise diplomatic ties and forge a broad new relationship, a move that reshapes the order of Middle East politics from the Palestinian issue to the fight against Iran.

U.S. President Donald Trump announces that Israel and the United Arab Emirates have reached a peace deal that will lead to the full normalization of diplomatic relations between the two Middle Eastern nations in an agreement that Trump helped broker, at White House in Washington, U.S., August 13, 2020. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

The move comes amidst a crucial re-election campaign in the United States. President Trump is eager for any achievements to bolster his credentials at this point, and this move is sure not to dissapoint.

At a time as crucial as this, the region needs to unite against the Iranian Regime. For the Emirati’s, the cost of normalisation with Israel was more palpable than a possible Biden administration – which would likely reach another deal with Tehran along the lines of the JCPOA.

While on the surface – the normalisation of ties might not sound outlandish given the two countries long history of unofficial, under the table relations – the move is a blow to the soft power of the UAE in the region and possibly Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf Monarchies by association. With Erdogan’s Turkey and the Iranian Regime vying for influence in the Islamic world through rhetoric and funding, the traditionally interventionist Gulf States seem to be taking a step back.

The UAE is the third Arab nation to establish formal diplomatic relations with Israel, after Egypt and Jordan. Bahrain will likely follow suit, if statements issued by state media are anything to go by. The Trump administration continues to achieve and deliver at an unprecedented rate.

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